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Welcome to Angel Dragons Ltd


Founded in 2016 and owner-managed by Angel Dragons Co-Founder and family, the Digital Marketing, and Educational Course and Real Estate Service of Angel Dragons Ltd is synonymous with quality and has gained a reputation for excellence.

Our extensive experience, personal service, and proven track record, together with our vast and varied property portfolio, which includes:

  • Digital Marketing (Google Ads Campaigns Creation and Marketing, MinimalistWeb Design over Wix, Course Creation, Advanced and Classic Webdesign, Content listing for Real Estate Listings, Facebook Ads, Translation, Logo design 4 D, Minimalism, YouTube Monetization, and targeted ads, Apps, Mobile Application, Advertise your Course on our web portal and Social Media)

  • Best VIP Vacation Rental Online Advertising on Travel Nest and our Portals for Free to Increase your Bookings

  • Off-Market Property Deals

  • Real Estate Online Brokers for International Vacation Homes for Sale

  • Education (Courses, Mentoring, Coaching, Creation of Courses, Advertising, Workshops)

  • Affiliate Program for our Partners to help us grow together

  • Free Consultation to grow your business


Our Offmarket property portfolio has Deals of over £500 Mill, from Apartment Blocks, Villas, and International Offplan Developments in Egypt, Cyprus, Greece, the United Kingdom, and Europe.


Angel Dragons Ltd also takes care of managing your property online! For over 6 years, Angel Dragons Ltd has specialized in tailor-made Luxury Real Estate Worldwide. One of its unique assets is the possibility to delegate the management of your Luxury Property to our Real Estate Business. Angel Dragons Ltd offers representation and guidance throughout the property purchase or rental process. Carefully selected professionals deliver full service in:

Digital Marketing Service & Website Design for Your Business 

Explore we create Google ads campaigns and run your campaigns for you with results delivered to you, SEO, Webdesign, 4 D Logo, Minimalist Design, Redesign, Create Courses, Virtual Assistant, Translation, Online shop Creation for Dropshipping and online shops. We will send over our Wix Partner Portal a custom-designed offer after we know your requirements. Our prices are flexible payable in Milestones with a deposit upfront. Some of our services are by monthly subscription.

Real Estate International

Explore some of the most sought-after international destinations for luxury real estate in the world. Our global network provides unrivaled access to distinctive properties in the finest locations worldwide, offering you a wide selection of architecture and lifestyle choices. Search for island and beach homes in the United Kingdom, luxury condos in Greece or London, or a villa in Paris or Australia. Find a home in Egypt or Cyprus. Create a family legacy by buying a castle in the United Kingdom or Europe. The choice is yours. Let us lead you on a journey to discover your next dream property.

Channel Management

Using a channel management system has become a virtual “must-have” for hospitality and accommodation providers of all sizes over the past decade. Large hotels have been using channel managers, or something similar, for decades, but now specialized technology to manage the online distribution of room inventory is available at an affordable cost for even the smallest of hostels, boutique hotels, guest houses, or vacation rentals.

Off-Market Property Deals


Both off-market real estate deals and on-market real estate deals play an integral role in the exit strategies of today’s investors. If for nothing else, no investor should be selected enough to limit their searches to a single source. Real estate is a numbers game; the more leads one can generate, the better their business will be. That said, a perfect marketing strategy will account for both on and off-market real estate deals.

Benefits of a Buyer of Off-Market Deals

Many real estate investors, myself included, like off-market deals for several reasons. 

Firstly, and possibly most obviously, there is often less competition. If a property is listed on the MLS, then sites like and have it listed as well, since they get their info from the MLS. Once it’s on these highly-trafficked sites, it gets a high degree of visibility from agents as well as from potential buyers. 


Education & Online Courses

We offer our own created Online Courses, Workshops, and Mentoring Programs together with carefully selected Educators and Courses from Third Party Providers.

Our Courses vary in subject and offer various learning possibilities. 

We use Youtube, Whatsapp, Worksheets, Quizzes, Online Life Lessons, and Online Consultations to develop your skills

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