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Fountain Lofts


£240,000 – £335,000

Property Description

While undergoing several gentrification projects, now represents the perfect time to own a property within the UK's second biggest economic city as luxury demand outweighs supply.

All homes offer a cosy feel with a modern aesthetic in which you never lose touch with the local area of red brick and New Yorkesque accents throughout an ultra-modern interior finish.Sitting in the heart of 'The Creative Quarter' as a symbol of the direction in which Birmingham is heading, Fountain Lofts nods to its history while allowing you to relish in comfortable homely warmth.All homes will offer contemporary style living and kitchen areas with generous natural light to illuminate the high-quality finishing's found throughout the apartments.

Selling Points
  • Youngest city-wide population in Europe

  • 73, 000 UK and overseas students

  • Largest inflow of workers from London

  • Rents have risen by 30% over the last 10 years

  • 12% rental price increase over the next 5 years

  • Peppercorn GR, 999 year lease

  • 15% deposit

Contact Agent

Katie Walker

0333 123 0320

Property Details

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Construction Start:

Square Footage



Year Built

Construction Start: N/A

Construction End: 15/02/2024

Property Location

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